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What is Keetoo?

Keetoo is the new travel companion app that allows you to get the most out of your day out – all through the convenience of your mobile device. Keetoo allows you entry to the best UK attractions, experiences and the cinema, lets you purchase delicious food and drinks and is simply the best way to get the most out of your day out.

How do I see the participating venues?

You can view all participating venues on the website under the ‘Days Out’ tab.  (Please can we have a link here? https://keetoo.com/days-out/.) You can also see a list of venues when you download the app. Simply login to the app and click either ‘Near me’ or the specific area you wish to visit, and the available venues will appear.

What is a kredit?

A Kredit is the form of currency which we use at Keetoo. 1 Kredit equals £1 in cash and you can buy and use Kredits on the app.

How long are Keetoo Kredits valid for?

Keetoo Kredits allow you to have all the flexibility you need.  Once you have purchased your Kredits they are valid for one year.  Once you start using them you have 12 months to use them.

Do I buy Kredits for each member of my party?

Yes, you buy a minimum of 40 Kredits for each adult and 25 for each child, each time you purchase Kredit we give you additional FREE Kredits for each person, so your cash goes further.

Do I save using Keetoo?

Yes! Every time you buy Kredits we give you extra FREE Kredits for you to use at any of our partner venues from attractions, experiences, the cinema, food and drink.

Are there restrictions at the attractions?

You must have enough Kredits in your account for your party size and if booking is required you must book in advance. Do check for the venue specific restrictions on the venue’s website before you book.

Are there any restrictions at the experiences?

Again, you must have enough Kredits in your account to book. Do check for venue specific restrictions on the venue’s website before you book.

Is the App available on iOS and Android?

Keetoo is available to download from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Can I pay as I go, or do I have to pay for all the venues I wish to go to in advance?

Yes, you can pay as you go. There is a minimum purchase of £40/Adult and £25/child.

Can I use Keetoo offline?

Keetoo needs to be online for you to redeem your booking at the attractions/experiences and to show your code when purchasing food and drinks.

How do I know when my Kredits have expired?

If you check in your Wallet section, the remaining time you have left on your Kredits is shown.

If I buy new Kredits and still have remaining Kredits from my last purchase, what happens to the expiry date of the Kredits?

When you buy new Kredits all existing Kredits in your wallet, no matter what the remaining time is left, are upgraded to a full one (1) year validity.

How do I visit participating attractions and experiences using Keetoo?

When you have bought your Kredits and are ready to enter the attraction of your choice, simply click on the ‘VISIT THIS ATTRACTION’ button on the attraction you wish to enter, choose the number of Adults/Children in your party wishing to visit, then choose whether you would like to VISIT NOW or BOOK IN ADVANCE.  After that, simply follow the on-screen instructions and then to validate your booking show the code to the admissions staff.

How do I visit participating cinemas using Keetoo?

If you are wishing to book in advance, simply choose the cinema chain you wish to visit on the app, tap ‘USE KREDITS’ and then pick the member(s) of your party that you wish to go with you. You willthen be instructed on how to receive the booking codes. When the codes appear simply enter them on the appropriate reservation section of the cinema’s website to complete your booking.[Please note that additional booking fees may apply, and Empire Cinema charges all customers an additional £1 per customer for all blockbuster films.) If you are at the cinema and you have not already booked, simply follow the process above butinstead of finalising your booking on the cinema’s website, simply show your booking codes at the kiosk.

How do I use Keetoo at Food and drink locations?

Choose the participating venue and item that you wish to purchase and then choose the number of that item you would like to buy. [Please note that the maximum that you can buy is related to your Wallet party size]. Follow the simple instructions on screen and your codes will appear. Swipe and tap where necessary if you wish to buy different or multiple menu items.

Can I visit the same attraction or other venues more than once?

Yes, you may visit any of the participating venues more than once if you have the Kredits required to re-visit.

Can I use Keetoo with other discounts, codes and promotions?

No. Unfortunately Keetoo cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Do I have to buy the same amount of Kredits every time?

No, if you have some remaining Kredits and you wish to visit a venue you may buy just enough Kredits to allow you to visit, therefore using up all remaining Kredits.

Can I buy Kredits for my family?

Yes, Simply choose the number of people in your party and purchase the appropriate Kredits for the adults and children that relate to your party size. There is a maximum of ten (10) adults and ten (10) children in any one transaction. If your party size is bigger you may purchase multiple times until you have the desired number of Kredits for your group.  Keetoo Kredits can conveniently all be held on one mobile device or shared with other members of the group on their device(s), simply use the same log in and password.

How can I pay when purchasing Kredits for the app?

You can pay with most credit cards when purchasing Kredits on either the website or the App.

Can I download the app before purchasing Kredits?

Yes. The app is available to download for FREE before purchasing Kredits.

What is the age is range for a child?

A child is considered to be between the ages of 5–15 on most occasions, however please check the age ranges for each venue as some do differ. At some venues tickets will be required for infants although these are generally free of charge

How long are my Keetoo Kredits valid for?

If unused your Kredits are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Your remaining Kredits are valid for one (1) year from first use.

I forgot my Keetoo Password

Don’t panic! Simply click on the ‘I forgot my password text’ when logging in to the app and it will walk you through the process to create a new password.

Where can I view the T&Cs?

You can view the Terms and Conditions here.

Who do I contact for help and support?

If you have any questions, you can email help@keetoo.com. For any urgent enquiries, please call the Keetoo telephone support line on the following number +44 (0) 845 685 5188.

I have not activated my Keetoo Kredits yet, can I cancel my order?

If you have not used your Keetoo Kredits at any locations, we will refund 100% of the cost of the Kredits purchased up to 30 days from purchase date. To do this simply follow the instructions in the Terms and Conditions.

I am having trouble my Keetoo App, who do I contact?

In the event of any issues using Keetoo please either email help@keetoo.com or call +44 0203 189 9792

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